This is cheerful reading.

The consumer capitalist culture that we live in is deeply invested in the sequestering and hiding the fact of our death, of our mortality. Which has weird and far-reaching consequences, not least of which being that it really destabilizes our sense of meaning as humans.

We’re Doomed. Now What? Roy Scranton on Climate Change

Det internasjonale hjørnet av Klosterenga park, en av de særere konstruksjonene i hovedstaden.

It’s alright out.

More devices using USB instead of custom solutions is good, but packing a USB cable with every device is … not as good. I have too many of these cables already, and it strikes me as a total waste.

I am cautiously optimistic about the third Bill & Ted entry – the concept allows endless exploration. It’s a shame Rufus won’t be there, but after devouring GLOW, I’d love to see Marc Maron as Rufus’ younger brother or something.


Out walking

I just bought Office Politics, the latest album by The Divine Comedy. It’s not their best – it’s all over the place musically, but on the other hand, their previous release was almost too mannered. That said, the good stuff is very good, and the bad stuff is more meh than bad.

Bitcoin seems made to illustrate that our own greed is killing us.

the emissions produced by Bitcoin sit between the levels produced by the nations of Jordan and Sri Lanka, which is comparable to the level of Kansas City.

The Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin