Trying to find a secure email client is easier said than done these days. Most of the new services seem to require you go through their servers, I assume to mine data. And so, Thunderbird remains my weapon of choice.

Finally installed in the new house. This kids have been antsy for a few days, but are finding their feet. Today they didn’t wake up before 8, and we’ve slathered every surface in Christmas lights. I feel like I can breathe easy (well, easier) again.

Oh boy. Trying to write my bachelor thesis, I’ve finally understood why close to every writer on the Internet seems to mostly post about procrastinating and being too terrified to write.

I razed my Twitter account, then re-followed some accounts. That worked for a while, but now my timeline is filled with tweets others have liked, things I never signed up to see. It’s becoming obvious that Twitter is broken by design. Sigh.

If the Tories’ current refusal to engage with the economy were limited to the Prime Minister, it might be a manageable problem. After all, all the signs are that we will have a new Tory leader in the not too distant future. There’s a problem, however: when we look at the state of economic thinking in the wider Conservative Party, it is not clear that it is in great shape either.

Source: The strange death of Tory economic thinking – Stian Westlake – Medium

I remember when Apple announcements got as much press as Game of Thrones episodes. Also: I bet a Jony Ive-designed Iron Throne would look more inviting, but be equally unergonomic.