Test 2


Har prøvd å installere Friends-plugin på min egeninstallerte WordPress-blogg og fulgt noen av de jeg følger på Mastodon for å se hvordan det virker, sånn om noen lurer.

This is just me testing ActivityPub for WordPress.

Avdøde Frank Hammersland laget ikke bare super powerpop med Pogo Pops, men også med Popium.

One of the best bits in Donnie Darko is the parents trying to stifle their laughter when they know they should be correcting their kids.

I know a lot of people like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang because it’s funny, well acted and just a good modern noir, but what really puts it over the top for me is the design of the Johnny Gossamer paperbacks. They’re just spot on – if they were real, I’d already have read some.

I wonder if Michael Bublé puts up a fight when he’s put back in storage after Christmas, or if he’s come to accept it and goes quietly.

Zack Snyder has never made anything close to as dark as Muriel’s Wedding